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Event FAQs

What is your room capacity?

We have two primary private function spaces:

  • The Large Private Dining Room which accommodates up to 35 seated and up to 45 in a casual/standing-mingling, lounge-style setup;

  • The smaller Patio Dining Room which accommodates up to 20 people;

  • In the case of larger parties, we often use these two spaces in conjunction with each other


In the nicer months, we also have patio space available to use:

  • The available patio space for functions accommodates up to 20 people seated

  • In the event of a larger party, we put that space together with the (above-mentioned) Patio Dining Room, which abuts the patio space via a sliding door, to create an indoor/outdoor space

Can I view the room spaces?

You are welcome to stop by at any time during our normal business hours to view the spaces, and you do not need a special appointment to do so.


Do you charge a room rental fee?

We do not charge a room rental fee, per se; however, we assess a $4 per person room set up fee, which covers our expenses such as linens, chafing supplies, etc.


How are functions served?

Our functions, for parties of 10 people or more, are served buffet-style, and you can refer to our current Function Menu for ideas. There is additional information on page 3 about functions in general at Waterfall.

Do you require a deposit in order to book an event?


We do not require a deposit up-front in order to book an event date, and we recommend that you book the date with us as soon as possible, as we do a lot of private events, and can not “hold” space for individual inquiries.

After I book an event, what are the next steps?


After the date is selected and booked, the next step is menu planning (please see the Function Menu). When you provide your menu preferences, we put together a preliminary event plan/estimate based on your menu choices and your estimated guest count (adult guests/children under 12). The event plan is a “working document” that is revised as “final” about 5-7 days prior to your event date, when you provide us with your final guest count.


We request that you provide us with your preliminary menu selections and estimated (preliminary) headcount within 7-10 days of booking the space, so that we have a working event plan/estimate on file for you. This is true no matter how far out your event date may seem.


Once we provide you with your preliminary event plan/estimate, we request a deposit that equals (roughly) 1/3 of the NET food/beverage cost.


Can I bring my own special-occasion cake?

Absolutely! We can provide serving utensils, plates, forks and napkins. There is no plating fee if the guest cuts and serves their own cake.

Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes! You can have access to your function space up to one hour ahead of your event start time in order to set up. Alternatively, we can offer a room-planning and design service for you (for an additional fee, following a consult with our room planner/designer).

How do bar beverages work for a private event?

  • Bar Options:

    • Full “Open Bar” (host is responsible for guests’ drinks)

    • Full Cash Bar (guests responsible for own drink purchases and pay as they go or accrue their own separate tabs)

    • Limited or “Capped” Bar (predetermined time duration for “open bar” or dollar amount “cap”)

    • Pre-selected Wine and/or Beer Assortment

    • Dispensers of House Sangria (red or white), Mimosas or Other Specialty Cocktails ($85 per dispenser, serves approx. 15 people each)


  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Options:

    • Unlimited coffee, tea and fountain drinks can be included as a line item on your estimate for an additional $4 per person. You may also opt to accrue any such individual charges on your final event tab.

    • Other non-alcoholic beverages, such as fruit juices and non-alcoholic beer, are treated as bar beverages. Please refer to the above “Bar Options” section

More questions?

Please submit an event inquiry form, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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